Remote Tutoring for Mac, iPad and iPhone users

TheMacU 1on1 Remote Tutoring

Need some extra help, pointers or troubleshooting regarding your Mac, iPad or iPhone? With a remote tutoring session with Drew Swanson, creator of TheMacU, you can get the extra guidance you need to get the most our of your Apple Devices!

We will connect by phone and screen sharing. Drew will be able to control your Macs display during the session. It will also be possible for Drew to share his display with you for a demo. If discussing your iPad or iPhone we can get their displays to appear on your Mac using Quicktime.

-What does is cost? The first fifteen minutes of a 1on1 session is $15(USD). After that you will be billed at a rate of $48/hr. We don't begin charging until the screen sharing connection is established.

-How do I book time? To reserve a session click the Book Online link below. This will display the times that are available by date. An hour will be reserved but the minimum time billed is 15 minutes. So the sessions can range from just a quick fix that takes 15 minutes or less to a longer training session that can take an hour or more.

-Any Questions before booking a session? Send an email!

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To begin a 1on1 session…

1. Use the Book Online widget below to reserve your appointment.
2. You will receive an email prior to your session to join it. Click the link within it to join. Before your first session you will need to download TheMacU 1on1 Client App. This allows the screen sharing function.
3. I will connect with you by phone to begin the session. Remember we don’t start charging until the Screen Sharing link is established.
4. The tutoring session begins! Its best if you write down a list of questions or issues you are having that we can go through.

*If none of the available times in the Book online widget don't work for you please send an email to request an alternative time for a 1on1 session!

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