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In this tutorial we look at how to use some Apps that you may never have opened before. The utilities folder on your Mac contains Apps that can help you observe, maintain and repair your Mac. First we go over System Information which can tell you everything you need to know about all the parts in your Mac like the processor, storage and display. We then cover Activity monitor which can view the processes occurring on your Mac and how hard it’s working. In the Disk Utility lessons learn how to erase, partition and repair hard drives. Knowing how to use these utility Apps can help you spot and solve certain issues that might arise with your Mac. With that knowledge you can avoid trips to the Apple Store or calls to Mac support personnel.

Tutorial Outline:

•System Information
-About this Mac
-System Information
•Activity Monitor
-Memory & Energy
-Disk & Network
-Dock Icon
•Disk Utility
-Overview & First Aid
-Erase & Reformat
-Keychain Access
-Wireless Diagnostics
-Font Book
-CleanMyMac Overview

Free Lesson: How to use disk utility to erase or reformat a disk.

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CleanMyMac is a great utility and maintenance App for your Mac. Give it a try for free!