In this new lesson from the What’s New in iOS 11 Tutorial see how to view the current capacity of your iPhone battery in the Battery Heath Setting (Requires iOS 11.3).
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This tutorial from looks at how to use the Preview App that is built into every Mac. Preview can be used to view & edit image files or PDFs. We also have lessons on each Markup tool that can be used on both images and PDFs. Markup tools can also be used within other Apps! There are lessons on all the PDF-specific features and functions of Preview as well.
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In this free lesson from the upcoming tutorial on Preview for Mac see how you can use Preview to fill out and export PDF forms. With PDF forms easy to completely fill out and sign a document without needing to create your own text boxes or print it out first!

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In this quick lesson from see how to use the Image Capture App that is built into every Mac to scan photos or documents. Learn more about system preferences, the Desktop and using your Mac overall with the macOS High Sierra Core Concepts Tutorial.

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