Recommended Products & Devices from!

On this page I’m going to feature tech and Apple related products that I use. None of the items dispalyed here are paid promotions, they were all purchased by me.

CleanMyMac X

I’ve used CleanMyMac for years now for Mac maintenance. It’s a great App that is regularly updated and gaining useful new features. We have a full CleanMyMac Tutorial avaialble for All Access Subscribers.

CleanMyMac X Free Trial


GAIA GPS is a Maps and navigation app that I use when off the beaten path either hiking or driving. GAIA provides the ability to download Maps for offline use as well as choose which Map layer will work best for your location and activitiy. This is a great App for anyone that enjoys roaming the wilderness!
Become a GAIA GPS member to access all the maps layers and download maps for offline use. Save 20% or more here… GAIA GPS Membership Discounts


Qardio Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

The Qardio Arm is a battery powered bluetooth enabled device that will wirelessly send accurate blood pressure and heart rate readings to the Health App on your iPhone! See our full quick lesson on how to use this device here…

Eufy Smart Scale

With the Eufy Smart scale each time I get on the scale my weight BMI and Body fat percentage are all sent to the Health App on my iPhone. This makes it super easy to track my weight and other measurments over time. View the full Apple Health App overview here…

Streamer Tails AppleTV Remote Case

The Streamer Tails AppleTV Remote Case makes the Apple TV remote easier to handle (and hard to lose) while it protects it! Take a look at the full Streamer Tails video review here…


BlueDriver Automotive Scan Tool

With BlueDriver you can turn your iPhone into a vehicle diagnostics tool. When connected to the Blue Driver device you can read and clear check engine codes, get real time data from your vehicle as it’s driven and more! Using BlueDriver can give you a good idea of what might bewrong with your vehicle before you bring it into the shop! See the full quick lesson on BlueDriver here…


iOttie iTap 2 Wireless Magnetic iPhone Mount

I recently replaced an older clamp style iPhone mount in my car with the iTap 2 Wireless mount. This is a magnetic mount that does require a small metal plate to be afixed to your phone or onto its case. What’s special about the iTap 2 Mount is that it has inductive charging so there is no need to plug in the iPhone when I get in the car. Just stick it to the mount and it begins charging. This works great in my vehicle which also has Bluetooth Audio. So there is no need for any cables to go to the iPhone it will charge and play audio wirelessly on this mount. The magnetic mount has yet to fail even while driving on several miles of rough unpaved roads.

iTap 2 Magnetic Mount Rough Road Test…

Apple Products & Services

I won’t list everything avaialble from Apple here just some of the products I use regularly. 

AirPods Pro

I got a pair of AirPods Pro for Christmas 2019. They have been my favorite new Apple product in a long time. I had always liked in-ear headphones that create a seal to keep out noise. AirPods Pro do that plus have noise cancellation which works great. I also often use only one AirPod Pro at a time when walking on trials. This allows me to hear whats going on around me as needed. I have not had any Problem with AirPods Pro falling out of my ears. They have stayed in while biking, hiking, playing basketball and mowing the lawn! They also quickly can switch between devices if you want to listen to something from your Mac or iPad rather than your iPhone. They change over is close to instant. These are a great option for anyone in the market for a good quality pair of headphones espcially if you own multiple Apple devices!

Apple Music

I’ve been an Apple Music subscriber for a few years now and really like it. It’s right up there with Spotify as the best music stream service plus it integrates in with your current music library on your Apple devices. All Access Members can view a full tutorial on Apple Music here…

Try Apple Music