We’ve updated the Contacts, Calendar & Reminders for iOS tutorial with 9 All-New lessons on the iOS Calendar App and 13 new lessons on Reminders for iOS!
See how to add, edit, and share events as well as multiple calendars. Learn to create different types of reminders, how to organize them, view use the Reminders widget, and even how to view and create reminders on your Apple Watch!
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In this lesson from the full tutorial on the Calendar App for iPhone & iPad see how to send, accept, and decline event invitations!
Current All Access Members can view the full tutorial here…

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In this quick lesson see how to send feedback directly to Apple about any hardware or software product they offer. In this example, we send a feature request for the Mac Photos App.

Apple Feedback… https://www.apple.com/feedback/

Apple Support… https://support.apple.com

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In this quick lesson from TheMacU.com see how to set up your Mac trackpad to click and drag with just one finder or with a 3 finger drag. I have used the 3 finger drag option for years and much prefer it over the standard “press with a thumb, drag with finger” method.
Learn more about the macOS Core Concepts Tutorial Here…
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