In this lesson we look at how to use the TMU Tutorials App for iOS. With this App and an All Access Membership you can view all the tutorials that are also available on Its also possible to purchase tutorial individually via the App or purchase an All Access Membership via the App and the Apple App Store payment system.
The TMU Tutorials App allows the tutorials to be downloaded to your device for offline viewing. Lessons can also be marked as watched so you can avoid repeating content.
Download the TMU Tutorials App for free here…

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In this lesson from see how to use the new item tracking accessory from Apple called AirTags. In this video, we look at how to set up an AirTag and then use the Find My App on an iPhone to locate it. We use an iPhone 12 Pro and an iPhone X to show the difference between newer and older iPhones when it comes to the precision tracking feature.

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In this lesson from our upcoming tutorial on Maps for Mac see how to use the new Guides feature. Guides can be a great trip or vacation planning tool. Apple provides a ton of curated guides for many cities, national parks and landmarks. We can also add any location or dropped pin in Maps to our own custom guides!

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In this lesson that’s been added to our full Apple Watch Core Concepts Tutorial see how to unlock your iPhone when wearing a mask with your Apple Watch. This feature was added to iOS 14.5 and WatchOS 7.4 in early 2021.
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In this lesson that’s been add to the full tutorial on What’s New in iOS 14 see how to utilize and manage the new App Tracking Transparency feature that was added on iOS 14.5. This allows the user to decide if they want the Apps installed on their iPhone or iPad to be able to track there activities in other Apps or websites. Learn much more in the full tutorial here… 
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