About TheMacU.com

Hello and welcome to TheMacU.com! I’m Drew Swanson, creator of TheMacU.com. Yes, that’s me over to the right. >>
On this page, I’m going to provide some background into myself and this website.


Beginnings: I started out in photo retouching and graphic design and was always a Mac/Apple user. Over time I transitioned more and more into support and training. In the late 2000s, I was primarily doing on-site Apple Consulting, Training & Support here in Boise, ID. I enjoyed (and still do) helping folks out with their Macs, iPads & iPhones! One day an I came to the realization that rather than sitting down with Apple users one by one I should start recording lessons and making them available online somehow. At first the tutorials were offered as downloadable folders of videos which didn’t work all that well. Then the Mac App Store came to be and I started selling the tutorials as individual Training Apps to Mac users. From there the website became more prominent and TheMacU transitioned to more of a subscription model. Today the tutorials are available to subscribers on TheMacU.com website along with the TMU Tutorials Apps for both Mac and iOS.


Philosophy: When recording a tutorial I still try to envision that I am sitting next to someone showing them the subject of the lesson in person. I want to speak clearly and not too fast. When recording lessons I never narrate the lesson as I record it. I always record the audio track first and then record my screen or screens while I listen to that audio. For me, this is the best way to get the correct pace and timing for the lesson. I am often asked what apps I use to create the tutorials. First is Screenflow which is used to record my display and editing the lesson. To record audio I use GarageBand and a Blue Snowball Mic. For the recording of iOS devices, I utilize an app called Reflector to Airplay iPhone and iPad screens to my Mac display.


What Else Do I Do? I have a separate photography and travel website called SwansonDigital.com. I am slowly building it and adding content. I greatly enjoy travel and road trips! With SwansonDigital.com I’d like to be able to show others where I’ve been and how they can get there as well. 

Drew Swanson of TheMacU.com