Learn – Files for iOS

This tutorial looks at how to use the Files App which was introduced alongside iOS 11. It provides the first built in file browser for iOS, much like what the Finder can do on a Mac. It can be a great tool for organizing, sharing and saving folders, files and documents. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use all aspects of the Files App including utilizing it with iCloud Drive, organizing with Tags, using collaboration and more!
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1. Introduction to Files
2. Interface & Basics
3. On my iPad/iPhone
4. Using with iCloud Drive
5. Share/Save to Files
6. Favorites
7. Tags
8. Search
9. Move
10. Share & Collaborate
11. Document Scanning
12. 3rd Party Services
13. Wrap Up

Free Lesson: Using Files with iCloud Drive.


Free Lesson: Document Scanning in Files