Learn – Sparkle Visual Web Design

Learn to build websites visually with Sparkle for Mac in this video tutorial from TheMacU.com. With Sparkle you can layout a webpage with text and graphics just like your would a newsletter or flyer in Pages or Word.
We discuss how to utilize all the elements available in Sparkle from a basic box to graphics, videos and Maps. See how to animate items on a page and how to quickly build a site wide menu for quick navigation! We even look at how to work with a web host in order to publish your site for the world to see!
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1. Intro to Sparkle
2. The Sparkle Interface
3. Preview Setup
4. Adding Box Elements
5. Manage Pages
6. Page Setup
7. Links
8. Buttons
9. Text
10. Managing Colors
11. Group Elements
13. Twitter & Facebook Widgets
14. Adding Photos & Graphics
15. Fixed in Window Images
16. Video & Audio files
17. Video as a Background
18. Maps
19. Embed
20. Animate
21. Build a Header with Navigation
22. Build an Image Gallery
23. Build a Contact Form
24. Build for Mobile Devices
25. Sparkle cafe.com
26. Publish
27. Working with a Web Host
28. Wrap Up

Free Lesson: Animate elements in Sparkle for Mac!