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Streamer Tails AppleTV Remote Case Review

In this quick review we look at a really helpful case for the AppleTV Remote. The little remotes that come with the AppleTV are simple to use and compact but they are also dark and slippery. They slip in between cushions so easily it almost seems that Apple designed them for that purpose! Adding the […]

Share a Folder between Mac user accounts with iCloud Drive!

In this free lesson see how it is now possible to setup a shared folder between Mac User accounts with iCloud Folder Sharing. Usually in macOS you need to use the “Shared” folder which is located in the “Users” folder to easily view and share files between user Accounts on a Mac. This is also […]

Free Lesson: App Permissions in CleanMyMac X

In this lesson that’s been added to the full tutorial on CleanMyMac X we take a look at the new App Permissions feature. With this scan we can quickly view what apps have access to other Apps and features in macOS. Within CleanMyMac we can prevent certain Apps from accessing the built in webcam, our […]


iPhone 11 Camera Tutorial is Now Available!

In this tutorial, learn to use all the features and shooting modes avaialble in the iPhone 11 & 11 Pro Camera. We go over new features like the ultrawide lens, night mode and new ways to shoot video. Learn details about focus and exposure, using the flash, bursts, slow-mo video, document scanning and much more! […]

iPhone 11 Camera Lesson – How to use Night Mode!

In this lesson from the full iPhone 11/11Pro Camera Tutorial see how to use Night Mode to capture great looking photos in low light. We go over how Night Mode can activate automatically as well as how it can be activated or adjusted manually. Current All Access Members can view the full iPhone 11 Camera Tutorial here…


Apple Health App Overview Tutorial is Now Available!

In this overview tutorial we take a look at how to use the Health App that comes installed on every iPhone. With the this App its possible to track a wide variety of different health categories. The data can be input manually or automatically with connected devices and Apps. In the lessons we go over […]