Below is a quick comparison of All Access Membership website and the TMU Tutorials App for Mac or iOS. You can subscribe to All Access from either or the TMU Tutorials App. Both contain all of the same tutorials. If you are already an All Access Subscriber within the TMU Tutorials App send an email to have an account activated for you on All Access website. If you sign up as a member here at we can send you an access code for the App if you like. For All Access Members it up to you weather you prefer to use the TMU Tutorials App or to view the lessons. You can even use both no matter which you originally signed up for All Access with!

Compare the and the TMU Tutorials App below. All Access Membership

-7 day free trial.

-Use any credit card.

-Log into the All Access website from any device

 (Mac, PC, iOS, Android, etc…)

-Videos will play in any modern web browser!

-TheMacU has your account information (Better for support).

-Bookmark your favorite tutorials for one click access. All Access Subscription!

A great value! With TheMacU All Access you can view all of our Tutorials for Mac & iOS right here on for only $19.99 per YEAR! Become more comfortable and efficient using your Apple devices. Learn how to best use the Apps and services you work with everyday! Tutorials are updated as needed and new ones are added regularly.  

Get started with a 1 week free trial.

The TMU Tutorials App for Mac & iOS

Mac iPad iPhone Tutorials App-7 day free trial of All Access.

-Works on Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

-Tutorials can be purchased individually for a one time fee rather than the All Access subscription.

-Must have active App Store account to purchase.

-The lessons can be downloaded to your device for instant playback.

-Keyboard shortcuts are presented in a list for Mac lessons.
-Apple has your account information (Better for privacy). 

Get the TMU Tutorials App!

The TMU Tutorials App will work on your Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. With the App you can download the tutorials onto your device for offline vieiwing. Great for when you want to learn on the go!

Downlod the TMU Tutorials App for iOS (iPad & iPhone) Here…

Download the TMU Tutoriald App for Mac Here…