In this lesson from our full tutorial on the Notes App for iOS & Mac see how to create new notes as well as format their text. We also look at how you can preset the format for a note in settings. Learn more in the full tutorial here… 

In this lesson from our full Mac Photos App tutorial see how to view, edit and build memory videos. Memories can be a great feature that will automatically build a video slideshow a certain event in your photo library. Learn more in the full tutorial Here…

In this quick lesson from we look at how to utilize your iPhone as an automotive diagnostics tool with BlueDriver. See how to read and clear error codes, including from your check engine light. We also look at how the live data feature works, allowing you to view in real time a wide variety […]

Mac Backup Tutorial

In this lesson from our full Mac Backup Tutorial we go over the 3 tier backup system I use to prevent important files and photos from ever being lost. This system utilizes iCloud, a Time Machine Drive and Backblaze Online Backup. You can try Backblaze here…  

Sometimes its nice for a device to only do one thing, such as an old iPod Classic that was just a great music player. An iPhone can do a ton of things and create even more distractions! In this lesson see how to create an iPod Focus mode that removes as many distractions as possible […]

In this quick lesson from see how to use Paste to retain and organize everything you copy on on your Mac or iOS devices. If you used Command – C on an important piece of text last week and want to use it again that can be done in no time with Paste! Paste […]

In this lesson from our full iPhone Camera App Tutorial see how to use the Magnifier App that comes built into your iPhone to see and freeze super small fine print.

In this video see an overview of the interface of Apple Vision Pro along with my general impressions after a few days of use. We go through eye tracking, pinch to click, moving and resizing windows, using a Mac virtual display, launching control center, viewing panoramas in the Photos App, immersive environments, moving around the […]

Setapp is a service that provides access to over 240 Mac & iOS App for a modest subscription price. In this quick lesson we look at how to use Setapp to browse and install Apps on a Mac and to an iOS App. For an extended 30 day trial of Setapp click HERE

In this lesson that have been added to our full “What’s New in iOS 17” Tutorial see how to use the new collaborative playlists feature in Apple Music. With collaborative playlists we can share a playlist with a friend or friends and all those that are invited can add or remove songs from that playlist. […]