In this quick lesson from our full Apple Watch Core Concepts Tutorial see how to utilize one of my favorite Apple Watch features, Nightstand Mode! With the watch in Nightstand Mode it will display the date and time but only when awakened by a nearby vibration or a tap on the watch. This allows for […]

In this lesson from the full tutorial on the Notes App see how to create a new note just using Siri or edit an existing note with Siri. Learn more in the full tutorial here… 

In this lesson see how to improve the experience of viewing links that you click on in social media apps like Twitter or Facebook. On an iPad or iPhone it’s possible to view a link to an article or webpage in Reader View which removes all the ads and other clutter on the page or […]

In this quick lesson from see how to use split or full screen multitasking along with Mission Control. In this example we setup 7 Apps running in 5 separate desktops or spaces. Learn more about multitasking and mission control in our full macOS Core Concepts Tutorial.

In this quick lesson see how to navigate Finder Windows, the Menubar and even the Dock with just your keyboard. At times utilizing the keyboard can be more efficient than your Trackpad or Mouse. Learn more about the Finder in our macOS Core Concepts Tutorial.

iPadOS Tutorial

In this lesson from see how the iPad volume buttons can now be set to change whether they make the volume go up or down depending on the orientation of the iPad. Doing this will always have the top or right volume button set to increase the volume and the left or bottom button […]

Pages for Mac Tutorial

See how to precisely retouch a photo, paint or draw with an Apple Pencil in Pixelmator Pro on an iPad display with Sidecar! For those with both a Mac and iPad as well as an Apple pencil this is an awesome new feature.

In this lesson that’s been added to our full tutorial on What’s New in macOS Monterey see how to use Universal Control to control an iPad with the trackpad and keyboard of a Mac. With universal control its possible to drag and drop between a Mac and iPad or two Macs. Learn more about the […]

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