Numbers for iOS Tutorial: Add Current Stock Quotes & Information

In this quick lesson from see how to add stock prices, changes, dividend amounts and much more to your spreadsheets. To use this feature make sure to update to the latest version of Numbers. This can also be done in Numbers for Mac. A lesson on adding stock quotes has been added to the Numbers for Mac Tutorial which is available now for All Access Members.


Numbers for Mac – Add Stock Quotes

A lesson on a new feature in Numbers has been added. It’s now possible to add a current Stock Quote to your spreadsheets. You can not only add the stock price but also many other attributes like the change in the stock from day to day, 52 week highs or lows, market cap and many more. Make sure to update to Numbers 4.2 to access this feature. All Access users can view the new lesson from the Numbers Tutorial page.

mac printer tutorial

Free Mac Lesson: Name that Printer!

In this free lesson from see how to assign a unique name to the printer or printers connected to your Mac. Great for those in a office with several printers in different locations!

Learn much more about Mac System Preferences within the full macOS Sierra Core Concepts Tutorial.

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Safari for Mac Tutorial: The Sidebar

In this free lesson from the full tutorial on Safari for Mac see how to use the sidebar. With the sidebar you can view, organize and edit bookmarks, your reading list and shared links!

Trackpad Gestures & Full Screen Tabs in Mail.

In this lesson from the full tutorial on Mail for Mac see how to use trackpad gestures to quickly manage your emails and learn how you can use Mail in Full Screen all the time with Full Screen Tabs.

Customize Icons on your Mac!

In this free lesson from see how to quickly replace the icon for an App, Folder, Drive or File!

Announce Caller & Block Numbers on iPhone

In this lesson see how to setup your iPhone to announce who is on the other end of an incoming call. Also see how to can block callers you no longer want to hear from!

Add a soundtrack in the Clips App for iOS!

In this lesson from our Tutorial on the Clips App for iPhone & iPad see how to add a soundtrack to your video. We look at adding on of the provided soundtracks or a song from your Music Library. Learn more about Clips and several other Apps in The Mini Tutorials Collection!


Clips App Mini Tutorial!

A tutorial on the new Clips App is now part of the Mini Tutorials Collection. Learn how to use this fun new App to quickly create easily sharable videos.

Clips for iOS
1. Introduction
2. Zoom & Narrate
3. Add from or to Library
4. Live Titles
5. Effects
6. Overlays & Emoji
7. Posters
8. Soundtracks
9. Share
10. Wrap Up

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