Mac Backup Tutorial

In this lesson from the “Learn – Mac Backup” tutorial we take a look document versions feature which can be used along with a Time Machine Backup. With Document Versions you can browse auto-saved snap shots of a document that follow its history from bring created to all the edits and changes to its current form. […]


In this lesson that’s been added to the full tutorial on CleanMyMac X we take a look at the new “Space Lens” scanner. With Space Lens you can quickly visualize what folders and files are taking up the most room on your hard drive(s). Click below to try CleanMyMac X for free. If you are upgrading […]

In this lesson see how we can now use Markup in QuickLook! This can make is super quick and easy to make a quick edit or annotation to an image or PDF file.

In this lesson we quickly go over when not to use Reader View in Safari while trying to watch the Tutorials in the All Access area of Reader View does not play well with pages that contain multiple videos but is great for reading articles surrounded by Ads!

Luminar Sunrays Filter

In this quick lesson from see how to use the Sunrays Filter in Luminar to add to or enhance an image. The unique thing about the Sunrays filter is how it will interact with objects in the photo to limit or remove the rays in certain areas making for a much more realistic result! Save […]

In this lesson from the Markup tutorial in the Mini Tutorials Collection see how to add text to images and other documents types with Markup. This can be done from a variety of Apps for a variety of reasons. Learn much more in the full Markup Mini Tutorial.


In this lesson from the upcoming full tutorial on CleanMyMac X we take a look at the Uninstaller feature that lets us fully remove Apps that we no longer need on our Mac. The uninstaller also displays Apps that haven’t been used in 6+ months, Apps that will no longer function (32 bit) in the […]

In this lesson from the full tutorial on Journaling with Day One for iOS see how add photos to a journal entry using the camera or your Photo Library. It will quickly be followed by a tutorial on how to use Day One for Mac! Learn more about Day One here…

In this free lesson from the Mini Tutorials Collection see how to secure a note with a password on Mac or iOS! Current All Access members can view all the Mini Tutorials Here…

In this free lesson from see how to quickly replace the icon for an App, Folder, Drive or File!