Affiliate Program

Recommend our All Access memberships & earn real money!

It’s free to join, easy to setup and it works! All you need is a PayPal account. Let others know about tutorials through your business, website, blog, newsletter or social media community and earn 30% of each sale. Best of all since our memberships recur either annually or monthly you will also earn 30% each time the customer is billed for their ongoing membership. Earn now and later!

Business Card & Coupon Code Option!

Many potential customers will respond better to a physical item rather than just a link on a page. That’s why I am also offering a business card option. This is great for Apple resellers, repair shops and consultants that interact with Apple users directly. When you give a card to a potential customer they can then go to a your affiliate link (either directly, a redirect, or a button on your website) to sign up for an All Access Membership. The other way to assure your affiliate account is credited with the sale is to provide a discount code on the card as well. If the customer uses that code during signup the associated affiliate account will be credited with the sale. The cards are free and we start with 200 for each affiliate that requests a set. Your logo and website can be included on the cards! Contact me to request a set or if you have any questions.

The colors, text and graphics included on affiliate cards can all be customized. You can choose weather to offer a discount code and how large of a discount (up to 30%). A discount of some kind is reccomended since it will be associated with your affiliate account. Contact me with any questions.

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