In this overview  we look at the new Libraries Feature in Luminar 3. Luminar is a great Photo Enhancement and Editing App, check it out here… 

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In this free lesson from the recently released Pages for Mac (2018+) Tutorial. See how to build an image gallery which is a new feature available in Pages and all the iWork Apps!
Current All Access Members can view the full tutorial here…

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In this free lesson on Luminar 2018 see how to quickly apply adjustments to an image while using Luminar as an extension in Photos.
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Our new Luminar Tutorial is now available. See how to use Luminar to edit and enhance your Photos!

In this lesson from our full tutorial on Luminar from MacPhun see how to install and use Luminar as an extension in the Photos App for Mac!

In this lesson from see how to use 3 main features of Luminar! Learn more about Luminar Here
For a free trial of Luminar go to