In this quick lesson we look at the current (Spring/Summer 2019) iPad lineup which is a little complicated. We check out the comparison page on and do a quick breakdown on each iPad model currently for sale. We also look at some discounts (up to 24%) that are available on the Apple iPad page on Amazon!

Browse new iPads on Apples Amazon store. 5-24% discounts on new, current generations iPads!…

$250 base iPad… Brand new, current generation!

13% off 11 inch iPad Pro (Save $150)

Save on Macs too!
8-11% Savings on MacBooks and Macbook Pros
7-13% off current generation iMacs & Mac Minis!

iPad Lineup 2019

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In this quick lesson see how to use the Photo Grid shortcut available from the Shortcuts App in iOS to quickly assemble several images into a grid pattern. In this example I use a set of photos taken in burst mode on an iPhone of Chicago Cubs pitcher Cole Hammels. Learn more about the Shortcuts App and Siri Shortcuts in the “What’s New in iOS 12 Tutorial“.

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