Learn – Contacts, Calendar & Reminders for Mac

Get the most out of the Contacts, Calendar and Reminders Apps on your Mac with this video tutorial from TheMacU.
See how to view, manage and organize the events and people in your life utilizing features like Smart Groups, Shared Calendars and Location Based Reminders.
-View the full Tutorial Here…


1. Course Introduction
2. Contacts: Contacts & Groups
3. Contacts: Fields & Photos
4. Contacts: View Options & Print
5. Contacts: Smart Groups
6. Calendar: The Calendar Interface
7. Calendar: Creating Calendars & Events
8. Calendar: Event Details
9. Calendar: Shared Calendars
10. Calendar: Print Calendars
11. Reminders
12. Using with iCloud
13. Wrap Up

Free Lesson: How to add & edit event details in Calendar.