What’s New in iOS 11 Tutorial

iOS 11 introduces several new features and functions to iOS. The iPad gets a brand new floating dock that is more Mac like in operation. The floating dock is key to the new multitasking abilities of the iPad as well. We also have the new files App that allows access to all your files from one Finder like App. You can also save and export to the files App from just about anywhere in iOS.

– This tutorial contains in-depth lessons on how to use all the new features and changes in iOS 11. Recorded on both an iPad and iPhone to demonstrate the differences in certain devices and on different size displays.

– To learn more about how to use iOS 11 overall (not just the new stuff) watch the iOS 11 Core Concepts Tutorial (coming late 2017). To review last years new features review the Learn – What’s New in iOS 10 Tutorial!

-All Access members can view the full tutorial Here…


1. Introduction
2. Control Center
3. The Floating Dock
4. iPad Multitasking
5. Drag & Drop
6. Lock Screen & Notification Center
7. Document Scanning in Notes
8. More new features in Notes
9. The Files App
10. Share from iCloud Drive
11. Siri Translate & DJ
12. Indoor Maps & Lane Guidance
13. Screenshots
14. Live Photos
15. Keyboard Improvements
16. Screen Recording
17. Do Not Disturb While Driving
18. Smart Invert (Dark Mode)
19. Export to PDF & Markup
20. Apple Pay Cash
21. Wrap Up

Free Lesson: Drag & Drop in iOS 11!