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Mac Tutorial: Add iCloud Drive to the Dock

In this quick lesson see how to add locations like iCloud Drive, Air Drop, Recent Files and All My Files to the Dock in macOS.
Copy and paste the following location into the “Go” menu to find the correct icons…

**This has only been tested on macOS Sierra and macOS High Sierra Beta. It may not work the or at all on older versions of macOS.**

mac printer tutorial

Free Mac Lesson: Name that Printer!

In this free lesson from see how to assign a unique name to the printer or printers connected to your Mac. Great for those in a office with several printers in different locations!

Learn much more about Mac System Preferences within the full macOS Sierra Core Concepts Tutorial.

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Safari for Mac Tutorial: The Sidebar

In this free lesson from the full tutorial on Safari for Mac see how to use the sidebar. With the sidebar you can view, organize and edit bookmarks, your reading list and shared links!

Trackpad Gestures & Full Screen Tabs in Mail.

In this lesson from the full tutorial on Mail for Mac see how to use trackpad gestures to quickly manage your emails and learn how you can use Mail in Full Screen all the time with Full Screen Tabs.

Customize Icons on your Mac!

In this free lesson from see how to quickly replace the icon for an App, Folder, Drive or File!

Use Disk Utility to Erase or Reformat a Disk.

In this lesson see how to use your Mac’s Disk Utility App to erase or reformat a disk or drive. Learn much more about Mac Utilities in the full tutorial!

Sparkle Visual Web Design Tutorial: Import Page

In this lesson from our full tutorial for Sparkle for Mac we look at the fantastic import page feature added in Sparkle 2.1. To learn more about Sparkle become an All Access member and view the full tutorial.

Using the MacBook Pro Touch Bar with the Maps App!

In this lesson from the Maps tutorial within our Mini Tutorials Collection  see how to use the Touch Bar for quick access to different tools in Maps. Learn much more in the full Maps tutorial!

Mac Tutorial: Use the Grab App to take timed Screen Captures!

In this quick lesson see how to take timed captures of your display or Touch Bar with the Grab App. To learn much more about how to use your Mac, iPad & iPhone join TheMacU All Access. Start your Free Trial here!