iOS 11 Core Concepts Tutorial

Get the most out of your iOS Device(s) running iOS 11 with this iOS 11 Core Concepts video tutorial! Great for anyone new to iOS or wanting to learn to use your current iPhone or iPad more effectively & efficiently.

• 20+ lessons on iOS 11 features that are essential to know!
• In-depth HD video tutorials on things like Spotlight, Siri, AirDrop, multitasking, Notifications, the iPone & iPad Keyboards and more!
• See how to use iOS 11 together with other iOS devices and Macs using iCloud and continuity features.
• Direct screen recordings. No hand moving around in front of the screen blocking your view!
• Simple interface and course layout that makes it easy to follow the videos.
• The viewers eyes are guided through the lessons with callouts and zooms of what is being discussed.
• View the full tutorial Here…


1. Introduction
2. The iOS Interface
3. iCloud
4. Download & Organize Apps
5. Sync & backup
6. 3D Touch
7. Spotlight Search
8. Siri
9. App Switcher
10. iPad Multitasking
11. Drag & Drop
12. Lock Screen & Notification Center
13. Control Center
14. Do Not Disturb
15. AirDrop
16. App Handoff
17. AirPlay & Screen Mirroring
18. Personal Hotspot
19. iPhone Keyboard
20. iPad Keyboard
21. Power Management
22. Wrap Up

Free Lesson: App Handoff in iOS 11.