Learn – Luminar for Mac

In this tutorial learn how to use all the tools and features built into Luminar. Luminar is a great photo enhancement and editing App available for the Mac. It’s very useful used as an extension in the Photos App or on its own as a stand alone App.
In this tutorial see how to use filters, workspaces, layers, masks, presets and more! Download a free trial of Luminar.

• Detailed lessons guided by a Mac expert.
• The videos guide the viewer with zooms and highlights of what is being discussed.
• View the keyboard shortcuts associated with each lesson.
•View the full tutorial Here…


•Opening Images
•Use as an Extension
•Using Presets
•Custom Presets
•Layer Mask
•Filter Mask
•Gradient & Radial Masks
•Blending Modes
•Crop & Transform
•Clone & Stamp
•Save & Export
•Batch Processing
•Wrap Up

Free Lesson: Luminar as an extension.