Learn – Twitter for iOS & Mac

In this HD video training course learn how to use Twitter on the Mac, iPad & iPhone! If you have never used Twitter but are curious about it or if you are already on Twitter but don’t fully understand how it works this course is for you! Twitter can be a great way to get news and information or to promote yourself or a product. We start with creating a twitter profile and from there learn all the main features of Twitter. We utilize Twitter.com, the Twitter for Mac App and and the Twitter for iOS App to show you the differences on each platform and device. Learn to use hashtags, likes, tweet photos, retweet, understand various notifications and much more!
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1. Introduction
2. What is Twitter?
3. Creating a Twitter Profile
4. Find others to Follow
5. Posting a Tweet
6. Insert a Link
7. Add Photos and Videos
8. Take & Edit a Photo
9. GIFs & Polls
10. Tag a Location or People
11. Search
12. Hashtags
15. Replies & Mentions
16. Direct Messages
17. Notifications
18. Unfollow, Block & Mute
19. Moments
20. Lists
21. Multiple Accounts
22. Wrap Up


– Introduction to Keynote
– Launching Keynote
– The Keynote Interface

A. Slides
1. Working with Themes
2. Viewing Slides
3. Managing Slides
4. Master Slides

B. Objects
1. Introduction to Objects
2. Styles
3. Arrange
4. Working with Shapes & Lines
5. Text Boxes
6. Tables & Charts
7. Media

C. Animate
1. Slide Transitions
2. Magic Move
3. Build In
4. Action
5. Build Out
6. Animate on a Path
7. Animate Tables & Charts

D. Present
1. Presentation Setup & Narration
2. Presenter Notes
3. Presenter Display
4. Keynote Remote
5. Navigate with Links

E. Collaborate, Share & Save
2. Share
3. Save & Export

Free Lesson: How to manage slides.