Learn – iTunes for Mac

Get the most of out iTunes on your Mac with this in-depth video tutorial.
We go through importing media to your iTunes Library, organization, playback, sharing, using the iTunes Store, Apple Music and much more.
iTunes is an App most Mac users use very often but few really utilize it to its full potential. Learn to take control of your Music, Movie and TV Show Libraries!

• Detailed lessons guided by a Mac expert.
•The videos guide the viewer with zooms and highlights of what is being discussed.
•View the keyboard shortcuts associated with each lesson.
•Current All Access Members can view the full tutorial Here…

  • The Control Bar
  • iTunes Browser Interface
  • Importing Music
  • Importing Videos
  • Viewing Media
  • Playlists
  • Search
  • Playback Controls
  • Up Next
  • Genius
  • Sharing
  • Internet Radio
  • Using the iTunes Store
  • iTunes Match
  • Apple Music
  • iTunes U
  • Disc Burning
  • Syncing with iOS devices

Free Lesson: How to use Genius in iTunes for Mac.