Learn – iCloud for Mac, iPad & iPhone

Get the most out of iCloud and all your Apple devices with this video training course from TheMacU.com. In this video tutorial learn how to use iCloud to keep your life in sync! iCloud has become a bigger and bigger part of using Apple devices over the last few years. It allows you to keep all your devices connected and synced wherever you are. We cover all of iCloud’s services and features starting with managing an AppleID through learning how to secure and troubleshoot your iCloud account. We utilize a Mac, iPad, iPhone and multiple iCloud accounts to show you how iCloud communicates and functions when working between devices and/or separate accounts. 

•More than 80 minutes of HD Video Tutorials!
•Over 30 lessons detailing all of iCloud’s services and features.
•Direct screen captures from a 5K retina iMac for crisp video!
•Take notes about what you have learned, the App auto-saves them and lets you print them out as one PDF!
•Simple interface that makes is easy to navigate through the course.
•The viewer is guided the with zooms and highlights of what is being discussed.
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1. What is iCloud?
2. Your Apple ID
3. Activating iCloud on your Devices
4. Mail
5. Contacts
6. Calendars
7. Reminders
8. Safari
9. Notes
10. Keychain
11. Back to my Mac
12. Find my iPhone, iPad or Mac
13. iMessage
14. iCloud Drive
15. Desktop & Documents on iCloud Drive
16. iCloud.com
17. iOS Backup
18. Managing Storage
19. My Photo Stream
20. iCloud Photo Sharing
21. iCloud Photo Library
22. iTunes Match
23. App Handoff
24. Family Sharing
25. Security
26. Troubleshooting

Free Lesson: How view & manage your iCloud storage from Mac or iOS.