In this lesson from the full “View & Organize” Tutorial on Photos for Mac see how to hide photos in your library or delete them. When deleting a photo it will remain available for 30 days during which it can be recovered. See how that works in this video.
Learn much more in the full “View & Organize” and the “Edit & Share” tutorials for Photos

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In this quick lesson learn about the current (Mid 2019) Macbook lineup. We cover the current models of the Macbook and MacBook Air that are for sale from Apple. We check use the comparison page on to view the differences between the three models. Below you will find links to discounted MacBooks on Amazon and Adorama. I’m also including links to a few different USB-C to USB-3 adapters and hubs.

Browse MacBooks on Apples Amazon store. Discounts on new MacBooks and Macbook Airs…

$80 off an upgraded Macbook Air at Adorama…

Save on other Macs too! Including Macbook Pros  as well as current generation iMacs & Mac Minis!


USB-C Adapters on Amazon. A must have for new MacBooks that only have USB-C ports. Small and cheap!

USB-C Hubs. I like these 2 hubs because they provide a USB-C in port that can charge the Macbook as well!


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