In this quick lesson see how to add and edit waypoints in GAIA GPS. Waypoints are a great way to remember places that you want to go or places that you have already been. Use them to mark your past fishing holes, favorite trailheads or campsites! View our overview of GAIA GPS and downloadable Maps […]

In this quick lesson see how to use Gas Guru to find the lowest gas and diesel prices in your current location or where you’re headed! Learn more about using the Apple Maps App in our full tutorial here…

macOS Catalina Tutorial

In this quick lesson from, we look at different ways to resize windows on a Mac with a few different keyboard shortcuts. Holding down the shift key will lock the aspect ratio. Hold down option to expand or contract a window on each side equally. We also look at how to tile windows in […]

macOS Catalina Tutorial

In this lesson see how to easily rename several files at once in the macOS Finder. It’s possible to add to the file names or replace text thats already in the file names. Current All Access Members can view every lesson in every tutorial on!

In this lesson from the full iMovie for Mac video tutorial see how adjust the speed in multiple parts of the clip as well as add an instant replay or rewind effect! Current All Access Members can view the full tutorial here…


In this quick lesson we are going to look at one of my favorite iOS Apps. GAIA GPS is a Maps and GPS tracking app that is a fantastic tool when you are out of cell tower range but still need to know where you are. With a huge variety of maps and map layers […]

In this quick review we look at a really helpful case for the AppleTV Remote. The little remotes that come with the AppleTV are simple to use and compact but they are also dark and slippery. They slip in between cushions so easily it almost seems that Apple designed them for that purpose! Adding the […]

In this free lesson see how it is now possible to setup a shared folder between Mac User accounts with iCloud Folder Sharing. Usually in macOS you need to use the “Shared” folder which is located in the “Users” folder to easily view and share files between user Accounts on a Mac. This is also […]

In this lesson that’s been added to the full iCloud Tutorial see how to use the new iCloud Folder Sharing feature that was added in March 2020 updates to macOS Catalina and iOS 13. Learn much more about using iCloud with your Mac, iPhone & iPad here!

In this Mac quick lesson from see how to use the Character View & Keyboard Viewer to enter a wide variety of different characters and symbols that are not displayed on the keyboard!