In this quick lesson see how to quickly view the sizes of all folders displayed in a Finder Window on your Mac. Great for when you need to know the combined size of all the files in a folder!

In this lesson from our upcoming tutorial on iMovie for iOS see how to use the iMovie timeline, move & trim clips.

In this quick lesson from see how to secure with encryption any file or folder on your Mac or external hard drives. Give Hider 2 a try for free!

In this quick lesson we go through the sign up process for creating a new All Access Membership from We also look at account management and how you can then log into the TMU Tutorials App for Mac or iOS as well!

In this lesson from the upcoming full tutorial on iMovie for Mac learn the general workflow and terminology used in iMovie. Look for the full tutorial in November of 2018!

ML Enhance in Pixelmator Pro 1.2 uses Machine Learning to make automatic corrections to the exposure, brightness and colors in a photo. See how to use it in this lesson that’s been added to the Pixelmator Pro Essentials Tutorial.

In this lesson that will be added to the  “Learn – iPhone X Tutorial” see how to use the new depth slider to adjust the amount of background blur in portrait photos on the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR!

iOS 12 Tutorial

In this lesson from the  “What’s New in iOS 12 Tutorial” see how to use the brand new Shortcuts App! Shortcuts let you build or download sets of actions that allow for one tap execution of certain tasks. Download the Shortcuts App from the App Store

In this lesson from the full tutorial on the new features in macOS Mojave see how to set what information is displayed in the finder preview pane for different file types.

In this lesson from the Pixelmator Pro Essentials tutorial see how to the color adjustments tool. Current All Access Members can view the full Tutorial Here… Pixelmator Pro is available only on The Mac App Store for $59.99. CURRENTLY 50% OFF! Only $30!